Vincent Family 

Stories, Tales, and Legends

This page was last updated: Nov. 22, 2017

In the table below are links to stories and family legends.  There are links to the profile page of an
ancestor or relative in our database for some of the stories:
- the first column in the table is for the Person or Place the story is about.
- the second column has a hyperlink to the Story.
- If there's a link in the Relationship column, it provides additional information.

Person or PlaceStoryRelationship
Alvin Eugene Vincent (1873-1961)"The Preacher"His father, Aaron Vincent (1835-1901)
Isaac Vincent (1815-1868)"The Embezzler"See Mother's NOTE.  No relation.
Town of Vincent, Alabama"Vincent_Alabama"James Joshua Vincent (1826-1899).  No relation.