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last page update: Feb 11, 2018


Please note that the Lineage SPREADSHEET shows how we're all related.  The links below show cousins, siblings & spouses.
Gen Cousins Gen Ancestors, their Siblings and Spouses
1 John 4 Wilburn Glenwood Vincent  and  Doris Warren
 1 Mike 5 Ida Vincent
 1 Sharland  5 Oakley Vincent and Penoma Ophelia Seay
 2Caroline5Alvin Eugene Vincent and Elizabeth Solley
3Ron Vincent5Grover Cleveland Vincent and Laura Jacobs
  4 Maud Kelly 6 Aaron Vincent (1835-1901) and Margaret Missouri Finch

6 Louisa Catherine Vincent (1837-1898)
6 Elizabeth Emily Vincent (1833-1871)
  7 John Vincent (1787-1871) and Nicey Hawes
8 Aaron Vinson (1747-1791) and Sarah Ogburn
9 John Vinson (d.1787) and Amelia
10 John Vinson (d.1727) 
    10 Thomas Vinson (d.1716)
11John Vincent (d.1698) and (the widow of Francis Sowersby)