The Vinson / Vincent DNA

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Our I-M253 (I1) Haplotype
Warren Power, administrator of Power et al DNA project, mentioned how differences in STR markers can mark some ancestors within the genealogical time frame.  This is by comparing STRs only.  As of August 2014, this may or may not be possible with SNP testing.  SNP research is moving rapidly.  Click HERE for an excerpt from Warren's email.

All these acronymns...  "SNPs, STRs, Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!"  CLICK HERE for an explanation.

Considering what Warren said, I compared my Y-DNA67 results with Cousin John who descended from a sibling of my 5g-grandfather.  Looking at the Lineage Spreadsheet on our home page you'll see John and I are Seventh Cousins Twice Removed (7C2R).  That's considered distant kin from long ago using a paper-trail genealogy.  In yDNA research it is considered quite recent.  This is what's been keeping traditional genealogy and yDNA genetic genealogy separate.

The gap between DNA research and paper trail research is closing.  You can watch it closing here on this website.  We hope to see more of this in the future.  Look at Cousin John and I on the yDNA spreadsheet below.  I've highlighted the STRs where we differ.  Cousin John and I are only 4 markers off:
CDYa & b38-3938-40

CDYb is a "volatile" markers meaning it tends to change more frequently.  I don't know if GATA-H4 is significant to us but what about DYS-511 and DYS-444?  Could these mutations mark one of our ancestors?  It is known that mutations in yDNA only occur about every 6 or 8 generations.  If we ignore CDYb, here are three mutations.  The genetic distance to our most recent common ancestor is 11 generations..

On occasion, individual STR markers can be important.  For example, STR marker DYS-455 is always "8" for the I1   Haplogroup according to the I1 DNA Project at  You don't have to compare every marker.  Just look at DYS-455.  If you are I1 it means you're ancestor was related to us within the past 5,000 years.  If your surname is also "Vincent" or "Vinson" you are related within the past 800 years or less.  If your Vinson/Vincent ancestors are from the southeastern U.S., we're related within the past 350 years.  That's how powerful certain STR markers are when combined with regular genealogy research.

I can't help but wonder if some markers, such as one or more of the markers Cousin John and I share, might indentify us as being from the southern U.S. family of Vincent / Vincent.  I also can't help but wonder if some of the markers where John and I differ mark an ancestor within the past 11 generations or less.  This is a statistical certainty.  We're just waiting for future DNA research to tell us which marker matches which ancestor.

DNA research has already revealed a lot for anthropology research.  Click HERE for a statement from Family Tree DNA about our possible family origins.

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