Ida Vincent

last page update: Sep. 10, 2014
Ida Vincent (1863-1938), was Aaron Vincent's daughter and Oakley Vincent's sister.  She never married and explained why in a 1905 letter (see below) to her cousin Marion Kelly (1881-1955), Maud McLure Kelly's sister.  In the letter Ida says, " I do not like to have my age thrown interruptuously in my face nor stigmatized as 'old maid.'  ... If I have cheated some man of a wife it is not wholly my fault...  I do not oppose marriage except when they are unsuited to each other, i.e. disparities in education, moral training, temperament and race. I have never married, more because I was never in a position to form a suitable alliance."  This is a priceless example of 19th century values and the wisdom and independence of this post-Civil War woman.  -Ron.V

Link to the 1905 Letter from Ida Vincent to Marion Kelly or click HERE for a transcript