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Cousin Ron Vincent

last page update: Dec. 22, 2014
Hi, my name is Ron Vincent.  If you'd like to know more about me please see my Bio (  The site you're looking at now is dedicated to our Vinson / Vincent family lineage.  My father first got me interested in family history when I was a teen.  I got serious about family research about 10 years later and never turned back.  That was 43 years ago as of 2013.

I can prove I'm related to my father, Wilburn G. Vincent, from my birth certificate as well as family Bible records, etc.  Proof he's related to his father Oakley Vincent can be found on my father's death certificate.  It is through this website all of us who are cousins can post the sources that prove how we and / or our parents / grandparents are related.  I chose to give the sources for myself, parents, and grandparents.  Some chose not to give info on the living.  Thats' just fine.

Much of our southern U.S. Vinson / Vincent surname research was done by Maud McLure Kelly.  She was a lawyer and carefully documented everything from her first forays into family research from about 1900 until her death in 1973.  Maud was my father's 2nd Cousin on his patriarchal (Vincent) side of the family, and his 3rd Cousin twice removed on his matriarchal (mother's) side.  This is explained graphically in a lineage chart if you CLICK HERE.

Maud well documented Vincents from my great-grandfather, Aaron Vincent (1835-1901) as far back as she could go.  I chose to bring her work forward.  I self-published a little 50-page history of Aaron's descendants in 1990.  A copy can be found in the Linn-Henley Research Library which is on the first floor of the Southern History Department of the Birmingham Public Library, Birmingham, Alabama.
 The title of my little work is A Brief History of the Family of Aaron Vincent.  

Today (2014), no complete index or catalog of Maud's research exists.  The university started a card catalog but never finished indexing.  Cousin Caroline has researched through Maud's Kelly's documents at Samford for years, making copies and discoveries.  Caroline documented her progress and hopes one day to have a thorough catalog of Maud Kelly's research.   

My 1st Cousin O. Glynn Vincent (1936-2009) and his wife Faye also worked for years on Vincent Family research.  Other excellent, well documented sources from researchers with a little research I've contributed help us know we're all related. 

A brief of my Pedigree can be found by clicking HERE.  My complete genealogy including all lines and families can be found at