Our Family Tree was documented by Cousin Caroline 

Cousin Caroline

last page update:  Sep. 5, 2014
As you can tell by the Spreadsheet on the Home Page, Cousin Caroline descends from Louisa Catherine Vincent (1837-1898), Maud Kelly's grandmother.  Caroline grew up with this great family legacy of records preservation.  She has continued the work.

We will ever be grateful for the years of research Cousin Caroline has invested in organizing and documenting the extant Vincent Family Records entrusted to her family.  Caroline's documented evidence is extensive.  A few of the records she has gathered are listed below.  Feel free to read online or download for personal use but please DO NOT post them on other websites without Caroline's permission.  Thank you for for being courteous.

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These are a few of Cousin Caroline's contributions
:  Some documents may take a moment to load)

On Aaron Vinson's page (1747-1791), I mentioned there are "records [on Cousin Caroline's page where] we have proof of his relationship with his father, his wife, and his heirs."  Those sources are below.  Especially see the July 2014 email where Cousin Caroline explains how these sources fill in important links in our lineage.


     Record of estates, Johnston County, North Carolina, by Elizabeth E. Ross, pub. 1988
Page   5 - # 78 administration of the estate of John Vinson deceased granted to Aaron Vinson , May 1787 (1.3 MB file)
Page 24 - #224-226 division of the estate of Aaron & Amelia and gives heirs 
(1.46 MB file)
Page 52 - #105 establishes Elizabeth Vinson as the daughter of Aaron Vinson and granddaughter of Amelia (1.28 MB file)
    (this page also lists a number of Lockharts and Rossers, some of which were intermarried with Vinsons)
    July 2014 email from Cousin Caroline discussing these and other findings
     Samford University Library, Birmingham, Alabama, Special Collections Dept.,
     Bledsoe-Kelly Collection SC829 Family Box 22 folder 2)
Transcript of a 1727 Will of John Vinson  (PDF)
Transcript of the 1771 Vinson deed  (PDF 1.04 MB file)
Certified Transcript of the 1787 Deed from Aaron Vinson to his brother Drury (PDF 1.18 MB file)
Certified Transcript of the 1762 deed of John Vinson (PDF 1.19 MB file)
1969 letter from Maud Kelly explaining some Vinson info in deeds and wills   PDF
     An Info Document by Cousin Caroline explaining how the documents above detail our lineage   PDF
Some Vinson / Vincents married into the Lockhart & Rosser Families.  From this same source, here are these references.
Lockhart & Rosser:
Will Abstracts - Title Page
Page 67 - (bottom of page) heirs Cary Lockhart (1860) and Hannah Lockhart (1817)
(1.69 MB file)
Page 68 - almost a whole page of Lockhart heirs with settlement dates of 1798 & 1866 (1.92 MB file)
     Explanatory email from Cousin Caroline
Rosser only:
Page 48 - #14 estate sale of James Rosser (abt. 1801), deceased,
(1.29 MB file)
     John & James Rosser admin., buyers Alice Rosser (widow),  James Rosser, Drury Vinson, among others
Page 51 - #77 estate sale of William Lake (1801), buyers include Elijah Rosser, Payton Vinson, & James Rosser
(1.32 MB file)
               #81 estate of James Rosser, deceased with heirs: Widow Rosser
Page 52 - #81 heirs (continued from above): James Rosser, John Rosser, Isaac Rosser, Elijah Rosser, (continued below)
(1.28 MB file)
                      Elisha Rosser (deceased), Benjamin Rosser, and others.
               #88 estate of Elisha Rosser, deceased (1802) with John and James Rosser administrators

     Explanatory email from Cousin Caroline  
For other files Cousin Caroline has scanned to share with us (some quite large), Please CLICK HERE