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John Vincent (d.1698) 

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Most information below is taken from Order of the First Families of North Carolina (see Sources below).  To avoid confusion between this source and what I have personally written, I have indented and put in italics all that comes from "First Families."  ~Ron.V

John Vincent
1 b. unknown
m1. date unknown
     name unknown.  Whoever she is, she died by 1680.
m2. date unknown
     Katherine ___________ ,  the widow of Francis Sowersby.
     She died testate in 1705, Surry Co., VA.  John had no children by his second wife and no one
     appeared with him on the tithables (tax records) from 1695 onward.
d.1698 Surry Co., Virginia Colony 2  

Education: unknown
Career: unknown

John and his first wife had 3 children:
 a. John who called himself a resident of Brunswick County but made his will in Prince George Co.,
     Virginia, ... dated 4 Nov 1727.
     m. Mary  __________ , the granddaughter of John Dobe, the testator of 1716/17 3 , Surry Co., Virginia.
 b. Thomas, who died 1716, Surry Co., Virginia.  His will is lost.
     m. Sarah __________
 c. Peter, who died 1728, Surry Co. Virginia.

Researchers continue to show John or one of his sons married to a Corker.  This is a mistake.  It probably originates from the fact that John Vincent is mentioned in Corker's will given verbally to his family and recorded later in public records as follows,
"... and he alsoe gave fivety Acres of Land to JNo Vincent by this Will, & desire that it shoulde be Confirmed accordingly."

In the Introduction of Order of First Families of North Carolina  2 , Page xvi, is recorded the following:

Chapter Eleven -- Thomas Vinson
    The ancestry of Thomas Vinson [son of John, see "b." above] has been one of the most compelling problems in this chapter.  It was very tempting to think that the first Vinson [, in other words, John] had married an unnamed Corker daughter.  I do not know what John Vinson's relationship to Capt. William Corker was.  He may have been a very well thought of overseer on Corker's farm.  Or was he adopted by the family and given a portion not mentioned in the will so as to avoid confusing the legal aspects of probate?...

1- John is mentioned in the Bledsoe-Kelly Collection, "Vincent Family", donated by Maude McLure Kelly (1887-1973), SC-829, Family Series, Special Collections, Samford University Library, Birmingham, Alabama.  John Anderson Brayton of Memphis, Tennessee wrote extensively about this early line in his book Order of First Families of North Carolina -- Registry of Ancestors Vol. 1.

A 24 page excerpt from the book giving details of the Vincent line is given here for research purposes only.  You may view it by CLICKING HERE.  Please observe copyright laws by not reproducing this.  It is given here only to aid research on the Vincent Family.  If the copyright owner objects, this will of course be removed immediately.

 2- Order of First Families of North Carolina -- Registry of Ancestors, Vol. 1, Pages 509-515, compiled and copyrighted (1988, 2005) by John Anderson Brayton, Memphis, TN (pub. Cain Lithographers, Jackson, MS.  

 3- Until 1752, a dual dating system was used in the British Colonies.  CLICK HERE for an explanation.