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John Vinson (d.1727)

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John Vinson 1  
b. date unknown
m. date unknown

d. 1727 Johnston, North Carolina, United States

Children: 1) John, 2) Thomas, and 3) Mary
NOTE: The number and names of his children are in question.  The source(s) below list 3 children in one place (John, Thomas, and Mary) and in another place 3 different children (John, Thomas, and Peter).  More research is needed.

Military: ???.
Education: unknown
Career: probably a planter ???.

Sources and Information

- ???.

Other Sources

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Order of First Families of North Carolina -- Registry of Ancestors Vol. 1 by John Anderson Brayton (self published in Memphis, TN, abt.1980), in Chapter Eleven, Page 494, footnote 4, which says:
"Surry Co, VA, Wills, Etc, #7, p. 219. This tract was bounded by Thomas Minge's branch, called the Parting Branch, the Miry Branch, and Timothy Redding. Two pages later, on 13 July 1719, John Vinson and wife Mary sold 30 acres of land in Southwarke (being part of a greater tract of land belonging to John Vinson), bounded by the Miry Branch, and Timothy Redding. The land was described as being on the north side of Joseph's Swamp. John Vinson died testate in Prince George Co, VA, and his will was signed 4 Nov 1727, a codicil added 6 Nov 1727, and finally recorded 9 Jan 1727, Prince George Co, VA, Wills & Deeds, 1713-1728. He made bequests to sons John (land at Joseph's Swamp in Surry) and Thomas, daughter Mary, child his wife Mary was big with, and named his brother Peter joint executor with his wife and Thomas Eldridge. Brother Peter Vinson is probably the intestate decedent of Surry Co, VA, whose estate was administered by Sarah Vincent (his wife or sister-in-law?) on 3 Aug 1728, according to Surry Co, VA, Wills, Etc, #7, p. 851."

In the same book, p. 515, it says:
"John Vinson, died 1698, Surry Co, VA married (1) (--) who died by 1680; (2) Katherine (—) Sowersby, the widow of Francis Sowersby; she died testate 1705, Surry Co, VA. He had no children by his second marriage and no one appeared with him on the tithables from 1695 onward."
This references lists John and wife #1 children:

Issue (VINSON):
 a. John, called himself a resident of Brunswick Co, but made his will in Prince George Co, VA, 1713-1728, dated 4 Nov 1727; married Mary ( - ) , the granddaughter of John Dobe, the testator of 1716/17,
Surry Co, VA.
 b. Thomas, died 1716, Surry Co, VA, will lost; married Sarah (~).55
 c. Peter, died 1728, Surry Co, VA.