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John Vinson (d.1787)

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John Vinson 1  
b. date unknown
m. date unknown

     Amelia (sometimes spelled Emelia)
d. 1787 Johnston, North Carolina, United States

John and Amelia had only 2 children that we know of: 1) Aaron and 2) Drury
Military: Research by Maud Kelly revealed that John Vinson was too old to serve in the American Revolution.
Education: unknown
Career: probably a planter since his wife owned 3 slaves in 1790.

Sources and Information

- Amelia Vinson's appears in Johnston County, North Carolina on the first U.S. Census (1790) living alone.

- In Record of Estates
, Johnston County, North Carolina edited and published by Elizabeth E. Ross, 1988, records refer to the distribution of his property.  Between probate records dated Dec. 1786 and May, 1787, the following is entered:
"Admr. on Est. of John Vinson, dec. granted to Aaron Vinson, Esq. bond £500 with Wm. Ward & John Bryan, Esq. Securities."
John's son Aaron and John's wife Amelia both died.  Later, in the same source between the dates of Feb. 1794 and Mar. 1794 (# 225), Amelia's record appears as follows:
"Div. of Est. of Amelia Vinson, dec. to legal representatives.  Drury Vinson, Admr.  Additional acct. of Est. of Aaron Vinson, dec. with Drury Vinson, Admr."  
This is followed by "Div. of Est. of Aaron Vinson, dec. among legitimate heirs..." showing Aaron had died by then.  See Aaron Vinson (1747-1791) for more information.

- On 22 Jul. 1762, John Vinson bought 75 acres of land in Johnston County, N.C. from John and Mary Youngblood.  The record says John Vinson was of "... the County Brunswick and parrish of Meherrin" at the time.  CLICK HERE to view a certified copy of the transaction in PDF format.

- As mentioned above, upon John's death, his son Aaron Vinson inherited all his land.  CLICK HERE for a PDF file of a certified copy dated 10 Jan. 1787 where Aaron deeded to "Drury Vinson his Brother" the "Land my father John Vinson deceased died posest with
[did possess] at his death" mentioned in the 1762 purchase above.

Please note that these documents are made available courtesy of Cousin Caroline.  
Feel free to read online or download for personal use but please DO NOT post them on other websites without Caroline's permission.

Other Sources

1- Johnston County, North Carolina Abstracts: Deed Books E-1 Transcripts 2 & 3 (F-1, N-1, P-1, Q-1, R-1) 1764-1791 Vol. II, by Weynette Parks Haun (©1981).
CLICK HERE to view the entry that mentions John and sons, or Click these links for Title Page and Entry Page.
The text of the entry, dated "28 Feb 1786" clearly shows that Aaron Vinson was John Vinson's son and that John Vinson was still alive at the time.

 2- CLICK HERE to view a copy of the first U.S. Census showing John Vinson's wife, Amelia, living alone by 1790 (showing her husband John had died by that time).
Year: 1790; Census Place: , Johnston, North Carolina; Series: M637; Roll: 7; Page: 479; Image: 598; Family History Library Film: 0568147 (online database).  Copy scanned in the 1990s by Ron.V from a paper copy courtesy of Cousins Glynn Vincent and his wife Faye (thanks, cous'):
  1790 United States Federal Census
  Name: Amelia Vinson
  Home in 1790 (City, County, State): Johnston, North Carolina
  Free White Persons - Males - Under 16: 0
  Free White Persons - Males - 16 and over: 0
  Free White Persons - Females: 1
  Number of Slaves : 3
  Number of Household Members: 4

 3- In a photostatic copy made from original records, Maud Kelly documented that John Vinson was discharged from military duty during the American Revolution for age and infirmity.  Maud recorded that she obtained the record, "From: Raleigh, North Carolina, State Department of Archives and History, Johnston County Records, Court Martial Minutes, 1761-1779, page 34, folios 3 and 4."  
images are the property of and are made available thanks to the courtesy of Cousin Caroline and her family.  You may read online or download for personal use but please DO NOT post the images on other websites without Caroline's permission.  I have edited the negative original for readability.
- CLICK HERE for a transcript of the record.
- Click this link to View an image of Page 1 of the original.
Click this link to View an image of Page 2 of the original.