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Nicey Hawes (1794-1851) 

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Nicey Hawes
b. 1794
m. 1811 Lincoln County, Georgia, United States

     John Vincent
d. 13 May 1871 Vincent, Shelby County, Alabama, United States
Buried at Salem Church Cemetery in Talladega County, Alabama, United States (near the town of Vincent)

Nicey gave birth to 16 children:
1) Pendleton 5) Payton (infant death) 9) Mary Anne 13) Elizabeth Emily
2) John 6) Payton 10) Wilbourn 14) Aaron
3) Isaac 7) Charlotte (nicknamed "Puss") 11) Rhuey (called "Ruby") 15) Louisa Catherine
4) Phoebe 8) Nancy Caroline 12) Louisiana America 16) Euzebia Eunice

Education: unknown

After she married John Vincent in Georgia they later moved to Alabama.  
They were living in Lincoln County, Georgia in 1818 where he paid taxes.  By 1835 they had moved to Alabama.  See notes for John Vincent.

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More will be added for Nicey Hawes at a later date.  For now, I'm working on the direct Vincent line, however, much is known about the Hawes family.