Kinfolks of Johnston County

Abstract of Deeds - Vol. 1

last page update: Mar. 16, 2015

Some abstracted records of land transactions by John Vincent (1787-1871)

Title Page 10 Nov. 1808 - FROM John Vinson of Lincoln County, GA 7 Dec. 1804 TO John Vinson [of] JoCo
(for more on this transaction, see below*)
& 1811 FROM John Vinson of LincolnCo
* The transaction dated 7 Dec. 1804 is John Vinson, the son of Drury Vinson, NOT "our" John (1787-1871).
There seem to be several generations named John, some of which were cousins.  The confusion can be
cleared up by comparing John's birth date.  In 1850, John told a census taker he was 63 years old. That
means he was born in 1787 and was only 17 years old in 1804.  
He was therefore not legally old enough to buy or sell property.

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