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This page was last updated: Jan. 3, 2018   (does not include the spreadsheet)

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Who are we?  We are cousins whose surname is "Vinson" or "Vincent."  This website is our tool to share our family history research.  To read why our surname changed to "Vinson" and back to "Vincent", click HERE.  To read where our surname came from, click HERE.

Our goals:  1) to prove our kinship through a common male ancestor and 2) discover our family's ancient geographic origin.  Proof comes through a good paper trail, records of adoption or name change, and / or a DNA test.  

DNA Testing -
yDNA & Our I1 Haplogroup: 
What kinds of DNA tests are available for genealogist?  DNA Expert Roberta Estes wrote the best blog article on that subject in Oct. 2012.  Here's the link:

Our website is a lineage website meaning "father-to-son" relationships, their marriages, and descendants of those marriages.  We seek out those who are related to us in any way and who can prove that relationship through DNA testing and or documentable paper sources.  We rely on Bible records, public records, and family records that have been handed down from generation to generation in addition to DNA testing.  We post those records on this website for others who do not have them.  

Nothing here is copyrighted (except where noted) and all is available for you to download and save for personal research (except where noted).  Feel free to share links to this website wherever you'd like.  Please do not download documents from this website and post them elsewhere without first obtaining permission from the owner or copyright holder of that document.  Share the link instead.

If your surname or the surname of your ancestor is "Vincent" or "Vinson", if you/they are from the U.S., and if your/their yDNA (Y-DNA25 and above) or Autosomal DNA (within 5 generations) proves we're related, we would love to add you to this website.  We can only add you to the table below when we know where you fit in.

As far as we currently know, our Vinson / Vincent ancestry originated entirely in southeastern colonial America in the 17th century. From there we spread to other southern colonies and the west all the way to California growing up with the United States of America.

As of this date (1-3-2018) our European origin is uncertain.  We're still waiting for further DNA proof.  Much DNA evidence points to either the Norman-French invasion of England or the earlier invasion of York.  These invaders were anciently Vikings.  Click HERE for a statement from Family Tree DNA about these origins.  For an explanation on how they arrive at our Geographic Origins (Ancestral Origins), CLICK HERE.

Genetic Genealogy (
DNA research for genealogy), is a very new and developing technology.  Great discoveries are being made annually.  One discovery that may be unfolding before our eyes is shown in comparing Vincent cousins' yDNA results.  For our Vincent or Vinson cousins who haven't yet had their yDNA tested, this may be a little hard to digest at first. You can CLICK HERE for a comparison between my yDNA results and Cousin John's results.  Please don't worry if you don't understand this now.  Send me an email with your questions.  I'll be happy to answer them.  The main thing to remember is that this research shows great promise for all of us whether or not we've tested.

Autosomal DNA testing is called Family Finder by Family Tree DNA, AncestryDNA by (not recommended), and by  Currently this is the only test offered by the last two companies while Family Tree DNA offers all available tests, has the most research tools, and the largest DNA database.  That's why they are most often recommended by DNA experts.

Click HERE for Ron.V's DNA experience.  
CLICK HERE for a list of files you can click on for more Vincent DNA information.

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